Sash Window Restorations and Repairs

Sash window repairs

Box Sash Window Restorations & Repairs

As wooden sash windows get older they often start to seize, where sash cords have deteriorated or where old paint, rotten frames or warping stop the sash from sliding up and down smoothly, which can cause the frame to stick. If you are experiencing some or all of these symptoms with your sash windows, we can help!

If your existing box sash window frames are in relatively good condition, but there are parts that need restoration or replacement,  you do not necessarily need to replace the whole sash window. As specialist carpenters and joiners we are frequently able to save many of our clients the expense of replacing a sash window by restoring or refurbishing their existing window frames.

With years of experience in restoring and refurbishing windows our joiners are quick to spot problems with old sash windows and can usually resolve them by replacing sash cords and restoring the sash frames with replacement timber and fillers to bring them back to their former glory.

Our comprehensive sash window restoration service covers all aspects of window repairs:

  • Replacement box sash window cords
  • Re-balancing of sash window weights
  • Restoration or repairs of timber window frames and sills
  • Repair and restoration of ironmongery
  • Window insulation to reduce drafts, heat loss and external noise


Sash Window Cords

As windows get old, so do the mechanisms and cords that run over the pulley wheels. As sash window specialists we are able to remove and replace the sash window cords.

Sash Window Weights

As windows and buildings age sometimes the weighting needs to be adjusted to re-balance the window and help it open and shut evenly. We can re-balance the weight and replace missing weights as required.

Sash Window Frame Repairs

We have repaired many a weathered, worn and damaged sash window frame. Experience tells us what we can do to save a window and the expense of a new one to our customers. Our skilled joiners frequently replace timber in existing windows to give them a new lease of life.

Fittings, Locks & Ironmongery

We can fit replacement window catches, sash lifts and locks to match the style of your windows. We are also able to repair and restore some ironmongery, so you can retain original features.

Replacement Glass

We can also supply and fit new glass in the frames if wear and tear has caused damage or cracks to the glass.

Fit Double Glazed Glass

You might like to take advantage of modern double glazing whilst retaining your properties character features. Our modern slim fitting double glazed units can be inserted into original wooden frames by our skilled joiners, giving your energy efficient glazing without loosing the charm of your property.

Insulation & Sound Proofing

We are able to improve the insulation of old windows by fitting draft proofing, so as to reduce heat loss and also help reduce noise from outside.

There are many things we can done to repair, restore and retain your wooden sash windows that don’t quite fit neatly on a page. Please give us a call or an email to see how we can can assist you.

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